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Safe in the knowledge your property is monitored even when your not there

When you go on vacation, you are potentially leaving your property at further risk. CBP can patrol your premises and provide other technology to deter and reduce risk of larceny. Giving you the confidence to relax on your vacation knowing your assets are being monitored.
We provide deterrents and 24 hour monitoring.

01. 24 hour monitoring

Direct watch on your Mobile Phone, Tablet with sensor alerts
Speak directly to your family in other rooms
Alert family members to danger

02. Overt CCTV signage

Alert potential threats to prevent larceny from even happening
CBP Lawn Signage warning potential intruders a high level of security on your property

03. Security & Automation

Automatic Lighting Systems
Voice Response to visitors

04. Peace of Mind

Relax when you are away knowing your property is being monitored by security experts

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